Thursday, October 26, 2006

Twenty Years of Oprah and Still Not Prepared

Sometimes it's hard to justify why things happen the way they do. We all want our lives to be perfect and to never be confronted with problems or mishaps. But alas, none of us ever make it through to the end without some misfortune along the way. I guess that's what makes us grow as individuals and keeps our faith strong.

On my last entry I mentioned there had been some not-so-good stuff happening recently and I would fill you in on the details later. Well, it's now later (much later) so I guess it's time for an update. This may also help to explain why I haven't been keeping up with my blog or doing any listings on eBay or Etsy for some time now. The story is a bit long, so I will try to break it up into several entries. The following is "Part One":

The last Tuesday in August my wonderful husband, Dale, was preparing to leave for a business trip to Mexico. After seeing our daughter off to school, we kissed each other goodbye in the kitchen. He was leaving to drive to the airport and I was leaving to go to my weekly art class at the Indianapolis Art Center. When he got back home on Thursday evening, we would have four days together to goof-off and run around before he had to be back to the office the following Tuesday. He'd already scheduled a vacation day for Friday, turning Labor Day into a four day weekend. Although I would miss him, I knew the next few days would zoom by quickly. I had several things scheduled on my calendar, as well as the usual extra long "to do" list hanging around my neck!

The days did fly by for me but I was happy to see him walk through the door on Thursday evening. Just in time to take us to dinner. He filled us in on his trip, describing in detail the beautiful hotel where he stayed. We talked about going there on a vacation sometime so I could paint and he could take photographs. There's a popular artist retreat near where he stayed and many people retire there. When we got home gave me a beautiful cobalt blue bottle of expensive tequila. He knows how I love my margaritas!

After our daughter was in bed he turned to me to say, "Honey, we need to talk"... Boy, don't you just hate to hear those words? We've all heard them before, and it's never good. My heart sank at that moment as a hundred things ran through my mind... he's found someone else, he's lost his job, he's gay, he's dying. I thought twenty years of Oprah had prepared me for just about everything. Fortunately, it was none of the scenarios I'd just played out in my mind. Unfortunately, when he finished his story of what had transpired over the previous three days, you could have knocked me over with a feather!


kathywas said...

OMG, Joann...I can't believe you've left me hanging like this. Now I am thinking all kinds of things...I sure hope that it is not going to be something too serious. I'm keeping you in my thoughts, and hope that whatever is to follow is something that can be worked out.

Carol said...

EEK Joan you should feel my pulse rate now it's racing! I'm with Kathy here hoping that he had not to bad news for you and that it is something that can be worked out! So what has happened? Has he recovered a long lost child or something?